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Pisang Abu

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Pisang Abu Banana Pisang Abu Banana Pisang Abu Banana

Pisang Abu - Hybrid of The Seeded Bananas

  • The Flesh is White & Starchy, Often Used In Cooking
  • To Be Produce As Banana Fritters
  • Require Minimum Rainfall & Can Survive Long Dry Seasons

Reach Up to 10 Meters + Diameter of 3FT
Dark-Blue Green
150 to 180 Days After Flowering, 26-38KG/Bunch


This variety is often used in cooking the many sweet delicacies that we have. The most often way is as banana fritters or pisang goreng. It can also be eaten raw.

The inflorescence or jantung pisang is also amongst the tastiest and does not have a bitter taste. For those ulam lovers, if you like raw inflorescence, then this is the variety for you.

Of course, you can also eat this cooked. The initial plant takes about 1 year before it starts to bear fruit. However, as the plant matures, baby plants will begin to sprout. This plant can grow to over 10m with the pseudostem diameter of 20cm.

However, to ensure good quality future plants, do not remove the baby plants from the cluster until the initial plant has been harvested.

There are two types of Pisang Abu: 

Pisang Abu Batu & Pisang Abu Bunga 

Pisang Abu Batu

The Pisang Abu Batu is slightly larger that its '' sibling'' and turns into a nice yellow when ripe. Due to its size, this is the often used in banana fritters for commercial purposes thus making it more readily available due to demand. 

b) Pisang Abu Bunga

The pisang abu bunga is has black/brown areas on the skin with the green portions turning into yellow when ripe. For me, I prefer this type for my banana fritters as it is sweeter than pisang abu batu as well as having a lower moisture content hence it soaks less oil during frying.

For both types, the shape is almost squarish with clear edges and narrows to a flat end. Depending on the type, the skin can be relatively thick so at the farm, we have selected the type that is not although the skin may appear to be. It also has a velvety outer skin texture.

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